Baykon BX24 Ex2/22 is ATEX and IECEx certified Weighing Terminal, which offers high accuracy and performance in the hazardous areas with strong connectivity options. 

This weighing terminal is programmable for basic weighing, labelling, packing, checkweighing, classifying, filling, piece counting and dynamic weighing applications. Three user programmable keys provide practical and error free operation. This instrument has article memories; ID1, ID2, preset tare, APW, item limit values; each have 500 records capacity. 

BX24 Ex2/22 offers direct connection to PC and PLC via various communication interfaces. Additionally, Analogue output, and programmable Digital 4 inputs and 5 outputs are available, which can be used to control the peripheral equipment of the weighing system.

Main Features
- Multi-language operator prompts.
- Stainless steel, IP67 protected for wet, hygienic and harsh areas.
- Color changing display, SmartAPP 16 digit alphanumeric info line.
- ID1, ID2, PT, item limit values, APW memories; each 500 items record.
- Automatic memory linkage to IDs.

High Technology & Performance
- High resolution scales up to 999 999 display resolution.
- Up to 1600 conversions per second.
- Application based SmartAPP.
- Changing color for prompting.
- High capacity scales are supported by eCAL - electronic calibration.

Typical Applications
- Weighing and data collection.
- Customized labelling with barcode
- Counting by sample & APW memory.
- Livestock and dynamic weighing with strong filtering algorithm.
- SmartAPP Checkweighing, packing classifying & filling applications.
- Specific tare entry requirement.

Integration & Connectivity

- Zone 2/22 Certified interfaces; 2 x RS232C, 1 x RS485. Ethernet TCP/IP, 
- Micro USB 
- Printing via key, digital input or via serial port. 
- BSI command set for master slave communication. 
- Analogue output and digital I/O.





ATEX Type Examination Certificate (BX2x)
IECEx Certificate of Conformity (BX2x)
BX2x Wall 3D File
BX2x Desk Top 3D File
IndFace2x v1.02 Arayüz Programı

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