Baykon BX65 & BX66 Weighing Terminals are stainless steel, Windows CE Based Industrial Computers Designed for Transactional Weighing and Solutions. 7” (BX65) and 10.1” (BX66) color LCD touchscreen monitors provide intuitive and easy transactional operation. Standard models are IP30 protection. But, BX65 has IP67 protected sealed version.

Available with standard application software; labelling & data collection, truck scale, milk collection scale, SQC - Statistical Quality Control. They are very flexible for customized software. Depending on applications, they can be connected to barcode and RFID readers, text and label printers, traffic light, tower lamp, position sensor, PC keypad & mouse, IP camera, precision balance and PC.

Powerful manual or automatic data integration alternatives; exporting weighing data to USB memory as CSV file, offline file transfer with Baykon Data Editor software as Excel to PC and direct transfer to MS SQL via web service.

- Stainless steel 7” & 10.1” touchscreen weighing terminals
- IP67 sealed version for 7”
- OIML 10000d, 3 x multi range and multi interval approved
- Configurable menu, ticket
- Multi language

Standard Applications
- Labelling & data collection
- Truck scale
- Milk / coffee collection scale
- Statistical Quality Control (SQC)
- Customized solutions

Connectable Peripherals
- PC keyboard & mouse
- Printers & remote display
- Barcode & RFID readers
- Traffic lights & tower lamp
- Optic sensors & road barriers
- 2nd scale platform (BX66)
- IP camera & balance (BX66)

Powerful Data Managment 
- Data export to USB memory
- Offline file transfer to PC via Data Editor Software
- Web service for direct connection to MS SQL
- Interfaces: Eth.TCP/IP, RS232C 2xUSB, digital I/Os, centronics





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