Many of our products are suitable for use in hazardous and potentially Explosive Environments. They are independently tested and certified in accordance with ATEX directives as equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres. They are denoted by the ‘EX’ symbol.

These products are fit for purpose in workplaces and industrial settings that have potentially explosive atmospheres such as gas container filling systems, chemical plants, and powder handling operations.

Beam Load Cells

It is ideally suited to all industrial weighing scale and general measurement applications.

The beam type load cell family, sometimes known as a bending load cell, tend to be the most commonly used due to the variety of available options. Applications include filling machinery, industrial floor scales, tank and silo weighing, plus diverse applications in on-board vehicle weighing, medical equipment and process control, where a load cell shear beam installation is required.


Single Point Load Cells

Our family of sensors are purpose-built for use in high accuracy applications such as industrial weighing, packaging, onboard vehicle weighing and various medical applications. Calibrated to be insensitive to off centre working loads allows a single point load cell to be highly precise in industries that demand precision.


Compression Load Cells

High capacity compression load cells  are well known for their quality and reliability.

Sometimes defined as a canister load cell, our range of sensors are ideally suited to high accuracy applications in truck and railway scales, tank and silo weighing and in heavy duty industrial scales where load cell compression measuring techniques are required.



Tension Load Cells

The tension load cell range is ideally suited for process weighing, lifting and general measurement applications. Common uses include tank and silo weighing, patient hoist systems as well as tensile load cell machinery.


Exproof Load Cells Weigh Modules

- Capacities up to 100 t
- Stainless steel construction
- Reliable & strong construction


Please contact with our export sales team. [email protected]


Please contact with our export sales team.  [email protected]

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