Replacing your existing forks with our high quality Baykon MagicFORKS® adds Weighing, Labelling and Data Management functions to your forklift. A complete wireless design enables quick and easy installation in minutes and transportability from one forklift to other.

The BX07MD terminal offers a customisable weighing menu and ticket design with barcodes. Transaction data can be entered easily via touchscreen or wireless Barcode, RFID readers. Optional tilt sensor to measure actual inclination provides correct weighing and shows tilt angle. Weighing records are saved in the terminal and can be transferred online or via file transfer to your ERP.

Powerful Li-Ion battery packs provide up to 65 hours continuous operation. Efficient power management supported by automatic sleep mode and battery shutdown ensures weeks of operation between charges.

Completely Wireless
- No cables; easy and quick installation
- Transportable from one forklift to another in minutes
- Certified Class I, bluetooth 2.1 + EDR wireless technology

Flexible Weighing Operation
- User configurable weighing menu, label and report
- Totalizing mode with total ticket
- Tilt control option to detect oblique position
- Peripherals; barcode/RFID readers, printer, remote display, tower lamp, USB flash

Powerful Data Integration
- Web service for online transfer to SQL server
- Data Editor software for file transfer to PC
- Data export to USB flash as Excel file

Efficient Power Management
- Forks powered by chargeable Li-Ion battery pack
- 65 hours continuous operation
- Operation for weeks without charging with auto sleep and battery shutdown
- Battery status indication









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