• Baykon TX4 Digital Transmitters, weighing, scale, check weighing
Baykon TX4 Digital Transmitters, weighing, scale, check weighing

Baykon TX4 Digital Transmitter Family is Designed for Static or Dynamic Weighing and Force Measurement Processes to Provide Fast and Accurate Digital Data Through RS-232C, RS-485, Ethernet TCP/IP and bus systems as profibus, modbus TCP, modbus RTU, profinet, CANopen, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, CC-Link, powerlink. TX4 Transmitters have a parallel port including 1 x output and 2 configurable as inputs or outputs which can be controlled directly by PLC.

TX4 Transmitters are programmed and calibrated via PC by Baykon xFace Software. Weighing functions such as zeroing, taring, power-on zero, net indication at power on, motion detection, configurable vibration suppression digital filter and electronic calibration without test weights (eCal) are important features. DIN rail type enclosure provides easy montage in control panel.

- Communication: Reliable data transfer with industrial communication protocols for various for PLC / DCS or PC systems
- High Speed: 800 conv./sec
- Anti-Vibration Filter: Adaptive antivibration active filter for fast and stable reading
- Weighing Functions: Taring, AZT, zeroing, power on zero, net indication at power on, motion detection

- eCal: Electronic calibration without test weights
- Digital I/O: Parallel port with 1 x Output and 2 x configurable as Inputs or Outputs
- Software Support: Windows based BAYKON xFACE software for calibration and setup via PC




PLC Support Software Files(6,62 kb)
EthernetX File (4,83 mb)
GSD (Profibus)
GSDML (Profinet 1Port)
GSDML (Profinet 2Port)
EDS (CANopen)
EDS (EtherNet/IP)
ESI (EtherCAT)
XDD (Powerlink)
xFace PC Software
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