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  • BakNET Statistical Quality Control
  • BakNET Statistical Quality Control
BakNET Statistical Quality Control BakNET Statistical Quality Control BakNET Statistical Quality Control
BAYKON BakNET Statistical Quality Control – SQC software which is a multi user quality system connected to an MS SQL server. It provides you to control net content of your pre-packaged products during filling and packing processes, to save weighing records automatically and to enable you informative reports and statistical evaluations from the rugged SQL database.
With the help of BakNET, you can fulfill legal requirements of e-marking directives, prevent your risks caused by less or more fill quantities. Controlling product lost will provide rapid payback.

BakNet, Statistical Quality Control - SQC Software
is a solution used in mainly; Food, Chemical, Cosmetic industries to control net content of your pre-packaged products. It provides online monitoring of your production and secure operation of your filling machines. Weighing records are automatically saved, reported and documented according to related legal prepackaged products directives.

Neither less nor more; secure filling
Less fill quantity:
-Against legal requirement
-Risk for bad company image
-Conflict with your quality systems
More fill quantity:
-Product lost and loosing money

Touch screen LCD monitor 
Filling operator enters his password via PUE HY10 terminal's touch screen LCD monitor, selects product code or name, enters batch no, machine code and starts sampling.
Operator is guided by proper messages on PUE HY10 monitor along sampling steps. Result of sampling is given to the operator and saved in SQL server.

Weighing records in any entered two dates are filtered by various user's defined criteria such as product, batch, machine, operator, etc.
Filtered records can be printed on report printer or exported as text/Excel file.

BakNET Statistical Quality Control Presentations
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