Balance de baril PS

The Baykon PS Scale is Specially Designed for Drum Weighing and Filling. With its portable structure, you can weigh and fill your drums directly next to the production tanks and reactors, in your warehouse or anywhere in your plant.

Thanks to the special size and low height platform and short ramp of the PS scale, full drums transported by the drum trolley can be easily loaded onto the PS Scale. Similarly, filled drums can be easily loaded back into the drum troley.

PS Scale has a strong and durable structure that allows safe loading and unloading of full drums, galvanized and stainless steel models are available.

It has different weighing indicator options suitable for industrial field conditions, stainless steel, battery powered and ATEX Zone-II approved. When necessary, the weighing records can be transferred to the printer and computer via wired or wireless.

Mobile Robust Construction
• 35mm height allows easy loading - unloading drums
• Shock loading resistant
• Galvanised or optional stainless steel platform
• Industrial stainless steel, IP67 protected, battery powered indicators

Easy Practical Operation
• Weighing and filling drums at any location
• Operator prompting by colour changing display
• ATEX Zone-2 version
• Wireless data transfer to Printer, PC or Server.





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