Smart Junction Box LDS-04

Load cell failure may not always be detected in a scale with analog load cells. This case may cause faulty production and material loss, especially in tank and reactor scales. Additionally, detecting the faulty load cell, and corner adjustment after the replacement is a troublesome and time-consuming process.

In addition to all these problems, carrying the analog signal at the microvolt level to the control room over long distances increases the risk of weighing errors due to electrical noise caused by magnetic and radio waves.

Baykon LDS-04 Digital Junction Box is designed to help you avoid these classic disadvantages and risks of analog load cells by converting your scale to digital without replacing existing analog load cells. The signal from each load cell connected to the LDS-04 Smart Junction Box is converted into a digital signal by a microprocessor-based converter and transmitted to the weighing display as a digital weight signal.

Typical Applications
- Tank, reactor, and silo scales,
- Batching scales,
- Heavy capacity platform scales,
- Scales with impact loading risk.

- Up to 4 load cells connection,
- Digital data output,
- Automatic corner adjustment,
- Faulty load cell detection and stopping the weighing,
-  Providing unbalanced loading data

The product for the harsh industries
- Designed for harsh industrial environments,
- IP67 stainless steel housing,
- Wide Operating temperature range,
- Increasing the system reliability in the long term with the lightning protection feature
- Metal glands as an option




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