Packing and Portion Scales

BAYKON offers a variety of scales and packaging solutions that ideally fit for your packaging and portion preparation needs. An accurate, reliable, durable ,and cost-effective scales will improve production quality, reduce waste and improve productivity from day one.

Thanks to our software solutions, you can control your packaging process, measure operator performances, collect production data and export it to your ERP or Cloud, get statistical reports or anything else. Be prepared for the digital world of the near future, even if you don’t need it today.

Proceed by choosing the process that suits you best...

Individual net or gross packaging on the scale

This method is used to pack products one by one on the scale. The operator only follows the color of the screen during the process, which increases the efficiency of the operator and the system. With automatic zeroing, automatic taring, automatic data transfer, automatic labeling, etc. functions, the speed of the packaging line is increased.

Filling the packages in the big case on the scale

This method is used to fill the products into the packages in the case on the scale. The operator fills packages in sequence by following only the color of the display, which increases the efficiency of the operator and the productivity of the system. Taring, Data transfer etc. are done automatically in process to increase the production line speed besides the fast speed of the scale.

Packing by taking away from the full case on the scale

The container full of product is placed on the scale and the system measures the product weight or count taken a way from the container. The operator fills the packages by following only the color of the display. During packing process automatic Zeroing and Taring, Data export etc. is done automatically which increases the efficiency of the operator and the productivity the system.

Portion Scale

Portion scales are mostly used in meat and poultry industries to prepare portions. The cutting of the product is done on the scale which requires the scale produced for harsh usage. Touchless usage is important due to easy operation, hygienic condition and protection of the instrument. Touch free keys of Baykon BX25 indicator with Baykon software offer perfect solutions for portion preparing processes.





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